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Damn, cool idea. I'm not sure if I'm hot enough to get in. Well, hope we see (um, hear) some hot stuff.

u sure will =)

yeh i'm startin 2 mak a few hip hop tunes so i'll shout at ya on how it goes ;)

aite bruh. thx fo da luv.

That guy war-spawn... He's like the coolest there. I think he even goes around in a Superman costume putting cats in trees. That's so metal.


Thats what im talkign about.

fo sho

dang, what's with all these hattas'? lol

its most likely young breeze and his possy. =\ thats all gonna end soon.

add me on aim=djltd69 msn= dj.ltd@hotmail.com i have ppl how can rap and i can make beats holla peace out djltd

holla at me~~ im leave my aim on 24/7 so i'll get msg'es comin in. HOLLA@MEH

If you wanna know Ses, I have 3 songs of yourz along with other users tracks,
T.E.O.M- Kingdom Hearts Remix
T.E.O.M- Living in Flames
T.E.O.M- Behind the Streets

=D w00t.


Yo make me Producer/Rapper

Im pretty good at rapping


designer graphics for what? to design on the cds?

for designing the name.. n stuff.. and each member have they're own lil signature picture thing.

WOW ! 0.0 Most of your tracks are on the first page of the hip-hop page! I don't see Young Breeze's tracks anywhere! I can tell most people really love you!

yea.. i got nuthin much to say about that kid.. hes in his own lil world

ok, we buddies now :D

lol my new song "T.E.O.M. - Good day" got 1'd so hard yo. Damn da hataz.

Them n***as suck, I gave a 5 just to bring it up a bit.

ok.......i hate 2 start shit... but bra i dont know shit about u , or ur friends u kno? u cud b a saint ....but my friend is my friend 4 lyfe i ride wit him no matter how wrong he is u kno? and dont call me kid, im a teenager bro...so im jus saying u want get people against me go ahead .. cuz i got mad people 2 ... and if u thk one of ur chumps can end me .. bring it...ill rock his shit

God bless!

You and Breez need to stop beefing and work on the music more.


New song "T.E.O.M. - Intimidated" ..I noticed i've been slacking, and them haters having been doubting me alot. And all that hate just motivates me. I put some emotion into this joint right here, check it out. (It got 0'd on the dot, lol)

I vote 5 on your stuff almost every time I go on your page.

thx bruh. but everytime these haters see my song on the top page ..they rate it 0. its funny how if u vote a 5 it will increase by a lil, no matta how big your level is.. but if u rate it 0 ..it drops by a sh1tload

I see what what you mean by 5 increasing a little and 0 decreases a LOT. It's becuz the the voting system is jacked up!

yea bruh.. its jacked up badly.

I have a question about mixtapes: When you make one, are the songs supposed to transition from one to another (like The Crystal Method's Community Service) or is there only a minute or so of each song with scratching and abrupt cuts in between each track? (like RJD2's Your Face or Your Kneecaps) I looked up mixtapes, but it doesn't say anything about that.

a mixtape is like The crystal Method's community service. it goes from one song to another. buts wut i think. RJD2's style is like, wut DJ's do in a club, mixing.

Do you know when you eat a soft meaty fluffy taco from Taco Bell, it turns your butt green?

o.o it does?? wow thank god i dunt eat taco bell anymore. =( i miss there cinnamon chip thingys.

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