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Looks like many people like war-spawn and killbill are turning against Young Breeze.....just keep ignoring his comments and reviews and don't care what he does like you usually do...

yea, he's ending himself slowly.

what a dumbass......

i know

Young Breeze's Review For "Pop Bottles"
YoungBreeze says: "Start with straight shots and then pop 0's"
if u can bench 250 then u can bench my money!
lmfao! how could u associate with such lames?!

Review Score: 0 / 10
September 26, 2007 CaliberTheButcher responds:
damn n***a u just proved to me that u a hata bra. it don't even matta if u like it or not on some real shit. u should respect me enough to keep them god damn zeros off my muh fuckin page n***a. i know know the beef u got with them n***as but keep them zeros off my page.

0 / 0 people found this review helpful. Did you? Yes No Abusive

that kid is losing respect every minute. he's making himself looking like a fool.

Who the heck is Big Bubba? If he's real, then I would laugh at his face because of his funny and stupid name, lol!

lmao xD

He owns a resturant?

naww.. i just made it up lol

And burrato balls? Burritos formed into a ball? Sounds YUMMY!!!

..sounds messy. lol

You should shorten your Kingdom Hearts Remix.

yea.. lol im currently working on it as we speak

left a review for your new song

thx.. n ahh i gotta work on kh sum other time.. xD i just thought of a sik melody xD

your old name lil-mo reminds me of that dumb name "Momo." LOL


is it me.. does all my new joints get 0'd? lol cuz every new joint i release goes from 5.00 to 3.50 or 5.00 to 2.00..


its only one guy.. n we all know who it is

Yo Ses, check out my Yooj Mix 2 if you like Asians, lol!


McDonald's wins!

=( Big bubbas pwns all!!

wow....you did pretty good when you were still angry...

I did? =O cool. I should be like the hulk of muzik. o.O

But it's weird cuz usually when I make a beat.. I'm happy or depressed.

I think your plan is working! And I think you're happy about it!

yea ur right!! i am =D

but wait.. thats a bad thing.. i must stay angry !!!

are you.......green?

=| i'm purple.. wtf lol



lol, you would probably smash Young Breeze with your big hands and would probably get Broken-Needle too.....poor guys.....

lmao.. ..yo did u know i challenged broken-needle to a rap battle?? =D i'm still waiting for his responce.


You beated him, right?

no.. im still waiting for hiz responce. =O
Because I've been reading his reviews him and his friend Seraphik sent me. They seem very cocky when it comes to rapping so I wanna try battling them.

oh... you didn't go yet....i see

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