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Kwing vs Blest Kwing vs Blest

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Kwing your flow is off or too forced (I'll let you pick).. let the river flow my man, them boulders clogging your stream;). just chill out a bit, you sound like your ranting solving calculations instead of rapping... For someone "like you" study "rap battle parodies" off youtube, if your style was more serious i'd say study ktod, smack, but my point is theres no excuse for dropping wack bars homie... this aint a white or black thing, a nerdy or gangster thing, its none of that.... see those dudes off that parody are nerdy have no delivery but still deliver bars..theres really no excuse. Blest you won, easy victory (and I aint being bias) but make sure you master some parts better like around 2:50 for example, flow aint really a problem to you.. I was surprised when it sounded shaky at the part. Shiiit but knowing you... you probably rushed the verse or sum shit cuz I heard you snap harder than this. Good job doe +1 Blest

Kwing responds:

Thanks for voting!
Blest - 3
Kwing - 0

Money Getting Mission Money Getting Mission

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Be making hella money missions errday! Get it

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theblackkangaroo responds:

thanks bro, inbox me bro i wanna talk to you about a few things.

Cruel Reality Cruel Reality

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This shits dope, no lie. Nice!

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GRIN ft. Blest - Cannibal GRIN ft. Blest - Cannibal

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Solo Act Solo Act

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I was about to go to sleep until the intro got my attention.. Your rap is pretty straight, keep grinding.

Work on your stingers tho

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eqftc responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

Creatures -GB Creatures -GB

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sounds like the 2nd level to super mario for Super Nintendo.. like the sequei to it.. Lol, Your fx is cool.. try making backround music for movies or something.. not hip hop. No disrespect

Kid Icarus Underworld Rmx Kid Icarus Underworld Rmx

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I'ma help you out, just work from 0:00-0:13, you can make some sick dipset type shit. Make a remix, I'm interested in hearing the end result. You got my 5, song dope!

Hell in a Cell (WIP) Hell in a Cell (WIP)

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LOL quit brah (Go back to the drawing board), you got a Danny Phantom voice.. I picture Bill Nye the science guy when I hear you rapping w/ a Wanna-be Funk-Volume flow (but failed horribly)

To other nerds who want to fit into my culture.. you'll get by
To real hip hop heads... You won't last a second in the streets w/ this.. step your delivery/presence up. You just talking, not even rapping.. you ain't even saying much... just trying to flow with words over 2 syllables with zero credibilty.. I see through you mayne. You can't be taking seriously.. No teqneek at all.. more like a trick.. you tricked me into listening to this garbage. LOL

(Now you know wazzup, so all your weak ass rants about how I can't rap can step because right now I'm running circles around you, you still got things to polish up.. I already found myself.... People take my words seriously so you gon be stuck on this for a couple weeks as I move on. (That's how this story usually plays out)

Teqneek responds:

You still on Newgrounds little homie? I thought you got laughed out of here a while ago...

Volume 88 Volume 88

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The intro was very dope.. The drop could've been better.

joshlul responds:

I think it's better if you think of it as background music, it's simple so it isn't distracting or overpowering, just relaxing.

(8bit)Trunk Muzik [Cover] (8bit)Trunk Muzik [Cover]

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Acoustatic responds: