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I'm DJ SES aka TheEyeOfMusik

2007-07-30 21:08:56 by TheEyeOfMusiK

Thanks for stopping by my page.. I really don't do much on NG but submit my music. I wanna hear what the people have to say about my music. Fans + Haters = Motivation. You guys make me better, and for the haters. Keep hating man, your words mean no harm to me and voting me down doesn't make a difference. Haters only vote down producers because they know they're too good, and don't want them to get they're proper score. So I really don't mind because half the songs I see on the top page isn't better than the songs on the 5th page and even lower. But yeah, this is only NG.. I wouldn't let the internet sociality ruin who I am in reality.

"DJ SES, Heart of da south cuz da beatz keep comin'"
-The Eye Of MusiK
::Real Muzik Productions::


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2007-07-30 21:16:05

Word to that! I got my new song up on NG; check it out. It's got harmony, texture, oh man, it's dope. "Hangin' by the Beach" - spent 3 days on it. Check it out.
- Ph. P (Posted 9:15 AM, July 30th 2007. Word.)

(Updated ) TheEyeOfMusiK responds:

yea man.. i checked it out.. that song is hot. I love the feeling to it. I think I heard the waves!!


2007-08-05 06:50:04

DJ "SES"?Are you a Turk?I've just wondered 'cause "ses" means sound in Turkish. Anyways I really like the t.e.o.m, nice shit. Can you give me the name of the program you use?I really wanna make some beats man. I just need a good program.

TheEyeOfMusiK responds:

Nah it's not turk, I just made it up. Maybe because the name looks good in graphetti.. lol =). I use Fruity Loops 7. which you can download at: www.Download.com


2007-08-05 07:24:27

A'ight, cool, thanks for the link. Hope to hear more beats from ya!

TheEyeOfMusiK responds:

no problem bruh.


2007-08-20 19:24:28

I got a new beat up that puts the "beat" in Beethoven (even though it's not really pronounced that way). If you can, check it out. Peace.

TheEyeOfMusiK responds:

alright i will


2007-08-21 17:27:35

Can you check out my latest tracks, Oleana Loop Mix and Lastar Mix? Thank you! (I left a review on your Kingdom Hearts Remix!

TheEyeOfMusiK responds:

sure thing ninja~~ thx for the review too =)